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a_maintenanceI.T. consultation, implementation and maintenance

If you are setting up a new office or expanding your business, we can help you to decide, purchase and implement the most cost-effective I.T. solution for your business.

Investments in I.T. for SMEs can range from $30,000 to more than $100,000 just for PCs, servers and basic software alone, yet these investments are only the basic building blocks for harnessing information and streamlining processes. Furthermore, such investments normally last 3 to 5 years before the hardware becomes too old/slow or the software becomes obsolete.

To get the most out of your investment, let us sit with you and share our 10 years of experience working with SMEs in I.T. so that together we can map out a longer term I.T. strategy for your unique organization. We will then help you to break it down into smaller manageable projects to suit your growth path and I.T. budget.

Such solutions include recommending certain off-the-shelf hardware or software that would be most useful to your business, or possible customized software specifically targeted at automating time-consuming processes so that staff can be freed up to add value to the organization.
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a_supportPC helpdesk, service and support

Every office needs help to keep their PCs and servers running smoothly. We can help you with keeping your systems patched and updated.

In the unfortunate event that a PC, server or peripheral goes down, we’ll be on hand to help in getting things up and running again.
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a_websiteWeb Design and Content Management

We can assist you to design a professional-looking website that is scaleable and easy to maintain. We specialize in designing and implementing Content Management Systems based on mature open-source technologies. To you, our valued customer, this means that you can save costs on expensive software. More importantly, websites deployed on top of Content Management Engines are so easy to maintain, that you could do much of the work yourself.
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a_applicationApplication Development

Investing in PCs and servers is only the first step in realizing productivity gains through IT. We can help you to specify, develop and maintain applications that help your business to do administrative jobs, streamline work processes and make information available to you to aid management in decision-making. Additionally, our applications are web-ready and can be integrated into your website to provide your web-based customers an added point of customer service.
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